Reading instructions for statistics

Figures of the statistics relates sales from publisers to retail. VAT and retail fee are not included in these figures.

Comparability of the years.

Please notice the changes of the statistics during 2007 and 2010.

Since year 2007, comic book publishing and sales are recorded as a separate product group as they were previously contained in children's and young people's books.

Until year 2012, sales by publishers through their own book club is included in sales to retailers at net prices. From year 2013, it is included in the publisher's direct sales at consumer prices, excluding VAT.

About tables

Every table has a short information of the subject.

Every table has an excel-icon. By clicking the icon you can open table in question as an excel-file.

Terms used in statistics

Fiction does not include neither children's and youth literature nor comics.

Comics includes all comic books.

Children literature includes all the books, which has been classified as children books by publiser except comics.

Youth literature includes all the books, which has been classified as youth books by publiser except comics.

Non fiction books does not include children's and youth literature.

Paperback is less than 10 Euro retailprice book, euroformat (110 x 178 mm), soft-cover book. Statistically comic books are not paperbacks.

Materials (educational material in digital products ) includes material and all important material related to the subjects for teachers and students.

Other material (educational material in digital form) is other than grammar school or high school text- or course book and is not related material to the subjects for teachers and students.

Audiobook or digital recording are sales of cd-, dvd- or other recorded books.

Downloadable audio book and downloadable electronic book are individual books which are downloaded to single computer either before or during the use.

Online publication is larger entity than a single book and can be used only over the network.