Reading instructions for statistics

Figures of the statistics relates sales from publishers to retail. VAT and retail fee are not included in these figures.

Direct sales is comprised of publishers’ sales to end customers (consumer, company or an organisation) excluding VAT and retail fee.

Terms used in statistics

Fiction does not include either children's and youth literature or comics.

Comics includes all comic books.

Children literature includes all the books, which has been classified as children books by publisher except comics.

Youth literature includes all the books, which has been classified as youth books by publisher except comics.

Non fiction books does not include children's and youth literature.

Paperback is a euroformat (110 x 178 mm), soft-cover book or a trade paperback. Statistically comic books are not paperbacks.

Materials (educational material in digital products) includes material and all important material related to the subjects for teachers and students.

Other material (educational material in digital form) is other than grammar school or high school text- or course book and is not related material to the subjects for teachers and students.

About tables

Every table has a short information of the subject.

The tables on printed books contain instructions how to search time series or chart and an excel icon, that opens the table as an excel file.

Comparability of the years

Data from the first editions from printed and electronic books are presented from last five years.

Under the heading ”LONG TERM REPORTS” you will find information since year 1990. Due to changes in the membership of the Finnish Book Publishers Association and changes made to the statistical system, the data for the different years are not fully comparable but they can be indicative. In long term series, the sales of comic books until 2006 is mainly included in children's and youth books, partly in fiction.

Sales of Digital Publications

Statistics on the sales of digital publications have been updated. Sales data is published in more detail than before, but only from year 2017 onwards because of the lack of detailed comparability with previous years.

Definition of Digital Publications

Physical recording is audiobook or multimedia publication in cd-, dvd- or other format.

Audiobook is audiobook that is streamed or downloaded from internet.

Electronic book is book that is streamed or downloaded from internet.

Professional digital library is web-based entity, that includes substantial amount of other material and functions than access rights to single books or audiobooks.

Distribution of Digital Publications

Sales of Digital Publications are categorized instead of earlier distribution route model as follows,

Time-based pricing is a Spotify type of distribution method. The reseller (for example, BookBeat, Nextory or Storytel) mainly offers consumers the right to read or listen to the electronic publications included in their selection with a time-based payment (for example, a monthly fee). The publisher can offer their selection in the same way directly to the end user.

Unit-based pricing is when single book, also when use is for restricted time, is sold to reseller or directly to end user.

User number pricing means a group license including a single book or assortment of books sold to a library, company, or other entity.